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A Dedicated Educator
to Seniors

Meet the Founder of Our Senior Education Program in Desoto, TX

Antonio Suhuba-Baruti - Founder - Senior Education Program | Desoto, TX

Helping older individuals live better lives is a passion for our founder and president, Antonio Suhuba-Baruti. Since starting Renegade Silver Language Center (RSLC) in Lancaster, Texas, he has been able to assist many men and women who have been affected by Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Antonio is very familiar with the conditions, as he has had loved ones who have dealt with dementia.

Through his research, he found that learning a new skill, such as another language, can prevent and delay Alzheimer's disease and dementia. This led him to start our charitable organization. Now, Antonio offers free Spanish classes for seniors (people over the age of 50) to help keep them from developing these devastating conditions.

A Love for Teaching


For over 30 years, Antonio has taught Spanish to students of all ages. He is a great educator who is very dedicated to teaching the men and women in his senior education program in Desoto, TX. Like many instructors, Antonio enjoys receiving feedback from his students, as he notes below:

"When I taught in the school system, I started asking for kids to tell me what they thought of my class at the end of the year. Other teachers didn't like the idea, but it made the kids feel like they were actually heard. I also believe teachers can always learn more and improve upon teaching no matter how long they've been at it."

Antonio gives end-of-year surveys to his students at RSLC, so he can learn what to do better in the future. He has received great, anonymous feedback like, "The class is a challenge, and it pushes me to learn as much as possible. Antonio is an excellent teacher, and the class is a wonderful opportunity to learn a second language," said a former student. Another person who has taken his class states, "It has taken me out of my comfort zone, and it definitely makes you think about what you're doing. The home assignments along with class participation are a big push to try and absorb what is being presented."

A Versatile Educator

Antonio wears many hats. He is a former president of the Board of Education for Muskegon Heights Public Schools. He was also a Spanish, Bilingual Education, and ESL teacher for Kalamazoo Public Schools in Michigan. Additionally, he's a military veteran.

Honors and Awards:

Teacher of the Year
(as Voted by Peers),
Muskegon High School, 2008

Teacher of the Year
(as Voted by Peers), Kalamazoo Central

High School, 1998

Teacher of the Year,
Baldwin High School, 1986

Contact us to join our free Spanish classes for seniors or to support our cause. You may choose to volunteer or make a donation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.