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Broaden Your Horizons with Spanish Classes for Seniors in Desoto, TX

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Foster a love for language when you enroll in our Spanish classes for seniors in Desoto, TX. Here at Renegade Silver Language Center, we introduce you and other students to one of the five languages of love! Spanish is a historic tongue full of passion and mystery and is the second-most spoken language in the country. Our classes allow you to learn an additional language while also sharpening your mental acuity, increasing cognition, and combating the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Reach out to register for our classes today!

Multiple Levels of Learning

Our founder and maestro (teacher), Antonio, offers two levels of conversational Spanish. During the introductory class, you will learn to recognize and say many common words in Spanish. Likewise, you’ll be introduced to basic grammar rules that will help you speak, write, and understand the language.

In the second-level course, the focus broadens to additional grammar lessons. You also learn about Latin culture, including its many unique and exciting customs and traditions. This class is a perfect resource for those who are planning to travel to Spanish-speaking countries.

Each eight-week class is being held in the Desoto ISD administration building on the Wings campus. All of the required course materials are provided. We plan to start summer classes in mid- to late-August, but it’s not too early to sign up today!

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Free Classes That Broaden Your Understanding

Language is a staple for communication. It builds communities, fosters understanding, and provides opportunities for growth. Become engrossed in the Spanish language and expand your horizons. Our free conversational Spanish classes are highly accessible, and we can teach groups of adults. We emphasize building language skills in an open and inclusive environment. By attending a course, participants will feel engaged while cultivating investment in different languages and cultures.

Our organization hosts classes for senior citizens. They are designed to be stimulating and socially engaging, which can build acuity and improve mental focus. If you are interested in hosting a class, then we would love to meet you. As part of our services, we can come to your location. We love traveling to community centers and senior living communities to spread the beauty of language.

Spanish language classes are your ticket to discovering the world through another lens. Celebrate the diversity of our international community and sign up for a session. Please feel free to learn more about our organization. Our group makes active contributions to combating Alzheimer’s Disease, and our volunteer corps assist in various functions such as senior transportation and tutoring.

Contact us to learn more about our language classes or to learn more about volunteering with us. We are located in Desoto, TX.