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About Latin Culture

Exciting Spanish Classes for Seniors

Explore one of the five languages of love by turning to RSLC. We provide free Spanish courses for seniors in Lancaster, Texas, and the surrounding areas. By taking our classes, you'll not only learn a second language, but you'll also increase your cognition and prevent the early onset of Alzheimer's and dementia. Spanish is a language of romance and is full of mystery. As the second most spoken language in the country, it's also very useful to know.

Course Levels

We offer two levels of classes. In level one, which is an introductory course, you will learn how to recognize and say words in conversational Spanish. Our founder, Antonio will also teach you proper grammar and help you speak, write, and understand the language.

The level two course covers additional grammar lessons. You will also be introduced to Latin culture and its many customs and traditions. This class is perfect for those planning to travel to Spanish-speaking countries.

Each class takes 8 weeks to complete and will be held in the Desoto ISD admin building on the Wings campus. Additionally, all of the course materials that you will need will be provided. We are planning to start our summer classes in mid to late August, so sign up today.